AIA Continuing Education

MPS is pleased to offer the following AIA Continuing Education System programs:


“Joint Sealant in Exterior Walls, Proper Design, and Execution”

This program is a one-hour seminar geared toward designers and building owners. Topics covered include how to design, specify, and inspect elastomeric joint sealants used in building envelopes.


“Building Facade Inspection, Maintenance, and Façade Laws”

This one-hour program is based on the recently published ASTM Standard E 2270-03: Standard Practice for Periodic Inspection of Building Facades for Unsafe Conditions. Program provides an overview of the standard, the inspection and reporting process, and a general history of existing facade laws. Additional information provided includes:

  • Examples (case studies) of unstable façade components
  • The history of specific façade laws
  • Section-by-section overview of the ASTM Standard


“The History of Flashing and its Importance in Modern Buildings”

This one-hour program focuses on the historical detailing of flashings and their continued importance in protecting both modern and historic building envelopes. Key learning points include:

  • Review of historical flashing detailing
  • Remediation of flashing in historic buildings and roofing interfaces
  • Remediation of modern building requiring re-flashing to address systematic leakage