Masonry Restoration

Whether working with brick, stone, or terra cotta, Masonry Preservation Services is as committed to design and craftsmanship as we are to preserving the historical and architectural integrity of every building we work with. MPS restores often-monumental structures to as close to their original condition as possible.


Weather, pollution, and aging take their toll on any exterior brick facade. Cracks develop, water penetrates brick surfaces, and structural damage begins. Whether a building has been damaged by nature, faulty construction, or manmade stress, MPS will fix the problem while returning the structure to its former appearance. >>


Whether a building is 25 or 125 years old, MPS’s dedication to no-compromise work ensures that its stonework can be restored to its original elegance. Specialties include stone walls and stairs, stone carvings, natural stone, cast stone, columns, capitals, entrance facades, windows, doorjambs, and tracery. >>

Terra Cotta

Terra cotta restoration presents both simple and extremely complex restoration issues. To ensure comprehensive terra cotta solutions, MPS specializes in true terra cotta replacement, replacement with substitute materials, and structural stabilization. Mutliple approaches are often involved. >>