Building Envelope Diagnostics

At MPS, our building envelope diagnostics services begin with the review of all available background material (blueprints, construction and maintenance documentation, etc.) in order to piece together an accurate history of previous problems and attempted repairs. Next, MPS conducts a Building Envelope Condition Survey followed by the preparation of detailed documentation outlining our recommendations and suggested project scope. Based on this documentation, our clients can then determine the work schedule best suited to their facility usage and budget guidelines.

Building Envelope Condition Survey

An integral facet of MPS’s building envelope diagnostics process, a Building Envelope Condition Survey is one of the most important investments a building owner can make in regards to maximizing the long-term value of their investment. As part of a condition survey, MPS utilizes today’s most advanced diagnostic procedures to determine sources of water intrusion, metal corrosion, and material disintegration. Building Envelope Condition Survey may include the following:

  • Field inspection and documentation of conditions
  • Rigging
  • Probe extraction and infill
  • Laboratory analysis as required
  • Prototype repairs
  • Pre- and post-water testing to confirm repair efficacy

All building envelope inspection and testing processes are carefully documented with digital photography.