Historic Restoration

Across America, the demand for effective historic restoration continues to grow as designers, facility owners, and community planners realize the merit of preserving our country’s architectural heritage. At MPS, we offer a no-compromise approach to each historic restoration project we undertake.

What separates MPS from our competitors is our unique group of craftsmen. Each of our team members shares a dedication to accuracy, detail, and consistency—three items that make possible our ability to deliver superior restoration results while remaining true to a building’s original appearance and functionality. Our philosophy has placed us among the country’s most sought-after historic restoration specialists.

Preserving History Through New Technology

At MPS, our ability to preserve and recreate America’s most valuable historic structures is made possible through a commitment to historic integrity combined with today’s newest restoration technologies. For over 25 years, our two-fold approach has been the driving force behind an ever-growing list of completed projects. By successfully utilizing both superior craftsmanship and superior technology, MPS delivers unparalleled results.Whether working with brickstone, or terra cotta, MPS is as dedicated to advanced technology as we are to preserving the integrity of the historic structures we work with. On both a project and consultation basis, MPS provides our clients with results they simply can’t find elsewhere.