Since 1985, Masonry Preservation Services has been providing our clients with an unprecedented level of service. To ensure that we remain on the leading edge of both technology and performance, the services we offer are continually evolving to reflect today’s most effective way of getting the job done right.

At MPS, our approach to building restoration centers on remedying the underlying causes of masonry problems rather than on cosmetic procedures designed to mask their effects. This approach encompasses a variety of project types, all of which involve this same commitment to solution-based work.

Whether you need us to work on a 100-year-old structure or are experiencing leakage problems at a new building, MPS can help design a system of solutions to successfully restore your facility to its original level of performance and outward appearance. MPS also specializes in consulting as a team member with leading repair/preservation designers.

Masonry Restoration

Whether working with brick, stone, or terra cotta, MPS utilizes a unique masonry restoration system backed by a commitment to preserving the historical and architectural integrity of every building we work with. Learn more >>

Building Envelope Diagnostics

MPS’s building envelope diagnostics services are based on the development of engineered solutions for even the most difficult building envelope failure situations, including water intrusion, metal corrosion, and material disintegration. Learn more >>


Proper repointing is one of the most useful preservation tactics applied to buildings of historical or architectural significance. MPS guarantees a long life for mortar joints and walls—and overall building envelope structure. Learn more >>

Historic Restoration

The demand for historic restoration continues to grow as designers, facility owners, and community planners realize the merit of preserving our country’s architectural heritage. MPS offers a no-compromise approach to historic restoration. Learn more >>

New Buildings

While progress is being made in the reduction of wall leakage problems, structures are still being built with walls that leak. To combat leakage problems and other structural issues, MPS employs an array of proven techniques. Learn more >>


MPS is pleased to provide consulting services to architectural and engineering firms as well as building owners and building management teams. MPS’s consulting experience includes a long list of unique architectural challenges. Learn more >>