Masonry Preservation: Brick

Season after season, weather, pollution, and aging take their toll on any exterior brick facade. Cracks develop, water penetrates brick surfaces, and structural damage begins to take place. Whether a building has been damaged by nature, faulty construction, or manmade stress, MPS will first analyze the underlying causes of the problem and then fix the problem while returning the structure to its former pristine appearance and functionality.

Cracks & Structural Damage

Brick construction is extremely strong but is also susceptible to cracking and resultant damage due to many outside forces. Cracks can detract from a building’s overall appearance while allowing water to penetrate walls and cause structural weakness while damaging interior surfaces. MPS specializes in returning all types of brick structures to their original (if not improved) condition.

When restoring a damaged brick-clad structure, choosing the right approach is extremely important. At MPS, we take great pains to:

  • Thoroughly evaluate the entire building envelope
  • Analyze the characteristics of all cracks/settlement
  • Identify the underlying cause of all damage, both aesthetic and structural
  • Determine the proper restoration approach
  • Perform all necessary repairs, including proper repointing
  • Continually monitor all work as it unfolds
  • Fully analyze all completed work for effectiveness and longevity

Leak Detection & Treatment

Many masonry surfaces eventually develop leaks, especially exterior brick walls. Detecting the source of these leaks can be a challenge, as can properly treating them. At MPS, our expert team of masonry restoration professionals specializes in first identifying the source of any leakage and then implementing the most effective course of action in rectifying the problem.