Completing Ongoing Hospital Repairs with no Disruption to Patient Care

York Hospital, WellSpan Health

York, Pennsylvania

Healthcare Facade Repairs

Project Profile

Project Background

  • York Hospital first opened its doors in 1880 as a small local hospital; it now serves over 500,000 people in South Central Pennsylvania
  • MPS first began work at the hospital in 1990 and has completed over 70 projects since then
  • Projects have ranged from full masonry facade restoration to the installation of a single trench drain

Projects of Note

Original 1929 Building

  • In 1991, during a severe thunderstorm, a piece of cast stone spalled from the building facade and fell onto a lower roof
  • MPS determined that due to age, water saturation, and a lack of adequate flashing, deterioration of the cast stone pieces had threatened their stability
  • Over several years MPS worked to remove the deteriorated cast stone pieces, install new state-of-the-art flashing, and selectively replace the cast stone with brick to match the building’s original brick
  • At the hospital’s main entrance, new cast stone was installed with side anchorage, ensuring that the new flashing would not be breached

Project South

  • When an OR addition was constructed adjacent to Project South, leaks were immediately reported below the interface between the addition’s roofs and the walls of Project South
  • MPS determined that there was not adequate flashing at the roof interface and any water that was entering Project South’s walls was circumventing the roof flashing
  • MPS developed a work scope to properly flash the Project South walls and completed the work while operating room use continued

“MPS has been performing quality work at York Hospital since 1990 and is our exclusive contractor for repairs and restoration. Their crowning achievement was a four-year project to completely restore our original seven-story structure built in 1929. MPS’s longevity at York Hospital is based not only on their high standards and quality of work, but also on the strong core values of their management team.”

George Baker
Director of Facilities
York Hospital, WellSpan Health