Jeff Erdly Retired from MPS

Company Co-Founder Leaves Behind Long Legacy of Excellence

After more than 38 years at MPS, Jeff Erdly has retired and helping transition the company to a new leadership team beginning on January 1, 2022.

Jeff co-founded MPS in 1985, starting the company with five craftsmen. Over the subsequent decades, MPS has grown from a localized specialty shop to a 50-person organization doing work across the mid-Atlantic. “We approached our very first job using the philosophies I felt would best help us succeed, and I’m proud to say that these are the same philosophies MPS uses today, and that the company will continue to use,” Jeff said.

During his tenure with the company, Jeff was a vital part of the ongoing expansion of MPS’s service portfolio as well as our client base. By staying true to superior service made possible by a combination of cutting-edge technology and a commitment to safety and accountability, he helped bring success to more than 1600 restoration projects for colleges and universities, hospitals, commercial buildings, institutions, and industrial facilities.

Ownership of MPS now lies with President Erik Valentino and Vice President Scott Siegfried, two long-time MPS leaders. “Scott and I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff for nearly two decades, and we are grateful for the opportunity to uphold the standards he has set for this organization,” said Erik. “Where we are today is a direct result of Jeff’s commitment to excellence—a commitment Scott and I look forward to continuing.”

“The last 38 years were a truly rewarding journey,” Jeff said. “Every day, I enjoyed watching us hone our craft, grow, and succeed. Even as I step away from MPS, I look forward to watching them continue to elevate the art of masonry restoration.”

Jeff Erdly, F.ASTM is a nationally renowned authority on masonry preservation technology. Over the course of his career, he has regularly spoken at industry and professional events on masonry and facade inspection and has written numerous papers and articles for the masonry restoration industry. He is also co-editor of three ASTM Special Technical Publications. Jeff received the E. George Stern Award of Excellence from ASTM International Committee E06 on performance of buildings in 2015 and received the Award of Merit including the title of Fellow from ASTM in 2017.