Maintaining the Beauty of a Historic Campus

Muhlenberg College

Allentown, Pennsylvania

Collegiate Restoration

Project Profile

Project Background

  • Founded in 1848, Muhlenberg College was named after Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, patriarch of the Lutheran Church in America; Egner Chapel is one of the finest modern Gothic campus churches in the nation
  • MPS completed its first project at Muhlenberg College in 1992; MPS has now completed over 40 projects at Muhlenberg, working closely with the college on budgeting, evaluation, scope of work, and repair execution
  • MPS has worked on the most historically significant buildings on campus including the Ettinger Building, East Hall, Haas College Center, Trumbower Hall, and Egner Chapel

Projects of Note

Ettinger Building

  • 100% repointing of the raised ribbon mortar joints on the stone facade and replacement of hundreds of deteriorated limestone pieces adorning the windows
  • Extensive research and multiple samples were required to achieve a mortar that matched the existing rose-colored mortar joints
  • The project was completed in multiple phases to fit within the college’s budget and downtime in the summer months

East Hall

  • Years of water infiltration and improper flashing had deteriorated the stone copings, brick facade, and, in many locations, the wood framing of the window dormers and concealed gutters on the top floor
  • Project work included the demolition of large sections of the parapet, the installation of lead-coated copper flashing and copper gutters, and the installation of thousands of new bricks
  • Repointing of the brick and stone facade was required in many locations due to the deterioration of the existing mortar

“Working with MPS has been a pleasure. Each project was well-planned, and the craftsmen were skillful and precise. Through my association with MPS, I am now better prepared to evaluate and manage both new and existing building envelopes on my campus.”

Michael Brewer 
Director of Plant Operations
Muhlenberg College