Repairs to Address Unsafe Conditions 28 Stories Above Grade

The Vue Condominium

Baltimore, Maryland

High-Rise Condominium Restoration

Project Profile

Project Background

  • Built in 2007, the Vue Condominium is part of a mixed-use complex that includes a hotel, office building, retail stores, movie theater, and gym
  • The condominium occupies floors 14 through 29 of the building
  • Cast stone copings and cornices on the 28th and 29th floors
    failed prematurely due to inadequate manufacturing
  • The cast stone cantilevered over 18 inches from the building, creating a substantial life safety concern

Project Challenges

  • The entire complex was to remain operational during the full length of the project
  • Many of the failed cast stone pieces weighed over 1,000 pounds and none of the pieces could be brought down through the building
  • The location of the cast stone required moving most of the pieces laterally several hundred feet before they could be moved vertically down to the ground
  • Poor construction and installation methods from initial construction created numerous unknown conditions that only became visible
    as the initial failed cast stone units were removed
  • The sidewalks below work areas required integrating overhead protection with mast climber access while allowing for transport of old and new stone

Project Approach

  • MPS installed extensive scaffolding on the upper balconies and terraces of the building to access all of the work areas
  • A system of trolleys and hoists was used to move the stones laterally across the top of the building
  • MPS worked closely with Davidson & Associates during the negotiation process to develop a cost-saving repair program that ensured pedestrian safety while minimizing cost and disruption to ongoing operations

“Having worked with MPS for many years, Davidson & Associates was happy to recommend them for the Vue cast stone remediation project. MPS demonstrated once again why they are the go-to company for masonry preservation and remediation. They came in under budget, gave cost-saving suggestions, and worked efficiently with all parties. It’s always a pleasure to work with MPS on more complicated projects like the Vue because they understand complexities and come up with creative solutions that get the job done right the first time.”

Robert Davidson
President, AIA
Davidson & Associates Construction Analysts, Inc.